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cs-letters-frontispiz“An old lady who died in writing her last letter to me sent me from Australia the result of the first day’s work in her gold-mine in acknowledgement of the comfort my writings had given her on her bed suffering during many years. I hesitated for a long time, but now that she wished it again in dying, I had the ring made, and it will be two rings, with letters à jour: „Light of my“ in the one and „Soul“ in the other. You can’t think how lovely it looks, – so original and so little showy, only those tiny diamonds marking the letters of the words and the skin showing between.

I always found rings so clumsy, especially with big stones, but this one is transparent almost, and so sympathetic and dear to me! The first gift that my pen has brought me! She seemed to have been a most remarkable woman. […] It was such a curious feeling, this posthumous letter that reached me long after the writer had gone to the sweet home of rest she so longed for!

And now I wear that ring and think of the people who dug that gold, and of the sweet giver and her wonderful words to me.“


Queen Elisabeth of Romania – Carmen Sylva (1904)

From: Letters and Poems of Queen Elisabeth by Henry Howard Harper (1920)

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Silvia Irina Zimmermann: Chronologische Bibliografie der veröffentlichten Bücher Carmen Sylvas >


– Deutschsprachige Büchercarmen-sylva-privatsammlung-silvia-irina-zimmermann
– Französischsprachige Bücher
– Gemeinschaftswerke mit Mite Kremnitz (Pseudonym: Dito und Idem)
– Übersetzungsbände von Carmen Sylva
– Ausführliche Carmen-Sylva-Bibliografie



Silvia Irina Zimmermann: Bücher über Carmen Sylva und neue Editionen aus ihrem Werk: www.sizimmermann.de/buch.htm



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Quote from Letters and poems of Queen Elisabeth (Carmen Sylva).

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